The terms of service are conducted between the User and ADOT only, not Apple Inc. The document is valid for the duration that the User uses ADOT services. Apple and Apple’s subsidiaries are third party beneficiaries of this terms of services agreement. Upon the User’s acceptance of these terms, Apple will have the right (and will be deemed to have accepted the right) to enforce the Terms of Use against the end-user as a third party beneficiary thereof.

The User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions written in this document by using ADOT services.

ADOT offers
Through our digital platforms, including ADOT website and apps you are able to:

  1.  order the food and drinks which are cover as ‘‘ultra low-risk companies‘‘
  2.  order alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, which are not served to the customer
  3.  read reviews about the food, drinks and recipes
  4.  submit feedback based on your experience of ordering the products through ADOT platforms
  5.  get knowledge about ongoing competitions, discounts and many other advantageous offers.

Who can order the products on our platforms
NOTE: Upon the registration, the User confirms that he will only purchase products that his age. The user solely is responsible to check if his age allows purchasing wished products. User may be asked by the delivery courier to show his ID document. In case the user is not able to provide a valid document, he may be refused delivery of tobacco, alcoholic products, or the whole order.

We offer alcoholic and tobacco products, which means these products cannot be purchased by the User
who is younger than 16 years. The Users between 16-18 years are able to order alcoholic products,
which contain less than 16,5% of alcohol, the other alcoholic products which contain 16,5% or
more percentage of alcohol as well as tobacco products, can be purchased only by the User, who is older
than 18 years.
ADOT is not responsible, for who is really ordering. That means ADOT partner, takes full
responsibility for the User‘s age verification. He has a right to check the age of the User who placed an order when the
order is delivered. The order is delivered to a person who is registered in our system as the order creator. The User
must be able to prove his age with valid ID, or another relevant document.

Use of our ADOT ordering service:

  1.  The User must adapt the order to his age.
  2.  The User takes full responsibility for using ADOT service, including, but not limited to providing honest information.
  3.  The User is aware of the responsibility for his personal information, including password and payment
  4.  By registration, the User agrees that ADOT is charging a service fee.
  5.  ADOT has the right to cancel an order, if the User provided wrong information or if the rules are
  1. Definitions

‘‘ADOT‘‘ is ADOT ApS.
‘‘ADOT partner‘‘ is the subject, which provide the service under the ADOT digital platform. The
subject has got an legal agreement with ADOT ApS.
‘‘ADOT App‘‘ digital platform, which is available both on App Store and Google Play.
‘‘User‘‘ the person who is using platform ADOT, customer
‘‘Purchase agreement‘‘ when the order is placed in ADOT platform, the order is placed through
payment gateway. The purchase agreement is between ADOT partner and User.
“ADOT account” is an account created on Google Play or App Store during registration
‘‘ADOT service‘‘ are ADOT App and ADOT website www.adot.dk
‘‘ADOT group‘‘ is ADOT and ADOT partners

2. Information about Snack Reload and ADOT

2.1 Snack Reload address (warehouse + delivery) – ADOT Partner
Snack Reload
CVR: 42144606
Kornblomstvej 37
9000, Aalborg

2.2 Snack Reload trade name
Snack Reload

2.3 Snack Reload email address

2.4 Snack Reload phone number
22 77 34 92

2.5 ADOT address (software provider)
CVR: 42523631
Toldstrupsgade 14, 1.10
9000, Aalborg

2.6 ADOT trade name

2.7 ADOT email address

2.8 ADOT phone number
50 22 46 69

3. Description of ADOT and adjoining service

3.1 ADOT provides a digital platform, where the User can purchase products, which are delivered from
ADOT partner
3.2 ADOT provides information about the food products and services through ADOT service, including
the description of ingredients.
3.3 Order, which was placed by the User, will be prepared and executed by ADOT partner (CVR: 42144606). ADOT is
responsible for the execution of orders purchased by the User from ADOT service, and is not responsible for purchase
agreement by the ADOT partner.
3.4 If payment is made by the User, the order cannot be canceled. It is not possible to withdraw or
cancel an order. The User should make a proper decision whether he wants to buy goods through
ADOT service, check the types and amount of product in the cart, it is necessary to do so before buying

4.User Accounts

4.1 The user can have only one ADOT account. The User ADOT account consists of the information
which User provided during the registration. It is the User’s responsibility that he provides the right
information. The User can be sure this information is kept and used only for service
purposes. The information is not accessible to third parties.
4.2 The user has defined, unconsignable, under license and generic right of usage of ADOT service.
The license acknowledged to User for iOS ADOT app, which is downloaded from App Store, is further
defined under license to use the ADOT app on all Apple devices held by user and permits which are
mentioned in form of conditions of usage in App Store.
4.3 For using ADOT service, the specific User is bound to make a User account by passing through
the registration steps and guidances in the ADOT service. The particular user is accountable for
security that user account information and alike information is kept hidden and used in a safe way so
that is not gainable to third parties. Only one user account is allowed per one particular user.
4.4 It is a needed thing for a particular User to provide valid credit card or other payment method
information to ADOT. ADOT does not collect information about the User’s payment instrument and
is instead handled by third-party payment service providers used by ADOT.
The third-party payment service used by ADOT handles information about the User’s payment instrument, and ADOT
does not collect any information about it. User agreed and the User is aware of to pay evident
purchases made through the ADOT platforms.
4.5 The user has a limited, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use ADOT service. The license granted to User for the ADOT iOS App downloaded from the Apple App Store is further limited to a license to run the application on any Apple-branded products that the User owns or controls and as permitted by the Usage Rules set forth in the App Store Terms of Service and these Terms of Service.


5.1 ADOT accepts online card payments with VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery.
5.2 The payment will be deducted from your bank account, the moment when you confirm your payment and the order is processed.
5.3 All amounts are in DKK (Danish kroner) including VAT.
5.4 ADOT uses a secure server connection that encrypts all information with SSL protocol to protect User data.
5.5 ADOT’s own website and apps also use encryption with SSL protocol.

6. Coupons and store credits

6.1 Store coupons or credits cannot be exchanged for a real currency.
6.2 Store credits or coupons can be terminated and voided if ADOT detects any misuse or fraudulent behavior on the User account.

7. Delivery

7.1 The User is aware of providing address including street, number of the building, floor, and flat
number for delivery purpose.
7.2 The user provides the phone number, in case the ADOT partner is not able to find the address, or
if there are some unexpected problems with delivering an order. It is the User responsibility to provide the correct phone number. If the User is not reachable on the provided phone number the delivery may be delayed or terminated.
7.3 Delivery can be canceled by ADOT or ADOT partner, and User still has to be fully charged in case
the User is unavailable to be reached.
7.4 There are two options how to order the products through ADOT platforms. Ordering as soon as
possible, or placing scheduled order.
7.5 Scheduled order does not guarantee the chosen time of delivery.

8.Estimated time of delivery

8.1 ADOT does not guarantee the exact delivery time. The mentioned times are estimated, it is not
guaranteed by ADOT. Delivery could be affected by rush hours, traffic difficulties, vehicle problems, or
weather circumstances. If one of the mentioned problems occurs, it is necessary to contact
support@adot.dk and the customer will be informed about the status of his order.

9.Terms and termination

9.1 The user has a right to cancel using the ADOT service anytime. The User needs to contact
support@adot.dk to delete the profile, which arose during the registration.


10.1 If the user wants to report a problem with the product or ADOT service, it is necessary to contact
10.2 The ADOT partner is responsible for the status of the order,  time of delivery, and condition of the products.
10.3 If the User has come across any obstacles with the purchase agreement the User is required to contact ADOT or ADOT partner right at the moment, the problem will be shifted to ADOT partner.
The complaint should be understandable.
10.4 Terms in this agreement are conducted between ADOT and the User, this agreement is in no way to be connected with Apple. Apple is in no way responsible to provide any maintenance and support regarding ADOT service. ADOT solely is responsible for product warranties under the required law on services we offer, these should in no way be addressed to Apple. Any User or third party claims regarding, but not limited to usage of our services, product liability claims, claims that one of the services provided by us doesn’t conform to applicable local legal or regulatory requirements, claims arising under consumer protection, or similar legislation. Apple is not responsible for these claims.
In the event of a third party intellectual property claim regarding ADOT App or User possession and use of the application, ADOT is responsible for the investigation, defense, settlement and discharge of such intellectual property claim. The User must represent and warrant that he/she is not located in a country that subjects to a U.S. Government embargo, or has been designated by the U.S. Government as a “terrorist supporting” country and is not listed on any U.S. Government list of prohibited or restricted parties.

12. Right of withdrawal

12.1 The User has 14-day full right of return if products were bought through ADOT apps or website.
The rule does not apply when it is determined in your order.
12.2 The 14-day rule of return starts from the moment when the order is received by the User.
12.3 The user is required to cover all return costs.
12.4 The ADOT must be informed for the return no later than 14 days after the moment when the order is
being delivered. After the User has used the right of withdrawal, the return must be delivered within 14
days, since the ADOT was notified about the request of a return.
12.5 The ADOT generally does not accept product returns, but there may be an exception given.
12.6 The User can contact us by e-mail support@adot.dk or telephone number 50 22 46 69 where
we will further arrange the case. The User must clearly state the solution, which the User would like
to apply (e.g. refund/product return/problem with delivery)

13. Pricing mistake or other unexpected events

13.1 The delivery could take more than 60 minutes in case of an accident such as a vehicle malfunction.
In case of a wrong price tag on a product, ADOT can decide not to deliver the order and can cancel the whole
order. We may contact the User with a proposed solution.


Information Collection and Usage

What personal user data do we collect

  1.  Name
  2.  Age
  3.  Email address
  4.  Telephone number
  5.  Physical address

The mentioned information could be filled manually or automatically if the User chooses registration
by Google or Facebook. That means ADOT collects valid information from third parties such as Google
or Facebook.
The collection of these data is necessary for ADOT and ADOT partners in order to deliver goods to the User. We are also obligated to provide information on sales to local authorities.

ADOT can ask the User to allow location services access when the User is creating a new delivery address on the
platforms. The data obtained from location services are only used in connection with delivery purposes and may be stored for future purchases.

The delivery address and personal information of the User will not be used in any other way than for the purpose of submitting the order, order delivery and local law requirements.


Other data we collect:

  1. User ID (A generated identifier that can be used to search for a particular user in our system)
  2. Usage Data
    1. App Interactions (interactions with the app, taps, clicks, usage time, …)
  3. Diagnostics
    1. Performance (launch time, energy usage, …)
    2. Crashes (logs)

We use these collected data only to improve our services.

Communication between ADOT and User

ADOT can contact you by service-related e-mails including, but not limited to:

  1. Notifications about changes
  2. Account verification
  3. Technical notices

You can not block service-related e-mails. The ADOT does not collect private information about the payment, the third party
payment services provide the payment which is implemented in ADOT platform.

How we collect user data

The User provide most of data we collect. ADOT collects data and process them when the User:

  1.  Makes a registration on the ADOT platforms, or uses ADOT service.
  2.  Completes a customer survey
  3.  Uses browser’s cookies
  4.  Data processed indirectly from Facebook (public profile-User name and e-mail address)

Why do we collect user data for

  1.  Processing the User’s order
  2.  Providing information to User about discounts, etc.
  3.  Improving ADOT service
  4.  Data analysis (number of visitors, traffic, most used services, etc.)
  5.  Updating the systems

Sharing your information

Any information is shared. We use the User data for analytics and share only the necessary information in connection with
delivery purposes.

Request to delete personal data

If you wish to remove your personal data write us at info@adot.dk or contact us send us a message through live chat.

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