Information Collection and Usage

What personal user data do we collect

  1.  Name
  2.  Age
  3.  Email address
  4.  Telephone number
  5.  Physical address

The mentioned information could be filled manually or automatically if the User chooses registration
by Google or Facebook. That means ADOT collects valid information from third parties such as Google
or Facebook.
The collection of these data is necessary for ADOT and ADOT partners in order to deliver goods to the User. We are also obligated to provide information on sales to local authorities.

ADOT can ask the User to allow location services access when the User is creating a new delivery address on the
platforms. The data obtained from location services are only used in connection with delivery purposes and may be stored for future purchases.

The delivery address and personal information of the User will not be used in any other way than for the purpose of submitting the order, order delivery and local law requirements.


Other data we collect:

  1. User ID (A generated identifier that can be used to search for a particular user in our system)
  2. Usage Data
    1. App Interactions (interactions with the app, taps, clicks, usage time, …)
  3. Diagnostics
    1. Performance (launch time, energy usage, …)
    2. Crashes (logs)

We use these collected data only to improve our services.

Communication between ADOT and User

ADOT can contact you by service-related e-mails including, but not limited to:

  1. Notifications about changes
  2. Account verification
  3. Technical notices

You can not block service-related e-mails. The ADOT does not collect private information about the payment, the third party
payment services provide the payment which is implemented in ADOT platform.

How we collect user data

The User provide most of data we collect. ADOT collects data and process them when the User:

  1.  Makes a registration on the ADOT platforms, or uses ADOT service.
  2.  Completes a customer survey
  3.  Uses browser’s cookies
  4.  Data processed indirectly from Facebook (public profile-User name and e-mail address)

Why do we collect user data for

  1.  Processing the User’s order
  2.  Providing information to User about discounts, etc.
  3.  Improving ADOT service
  4.  Data analysis (number of visitors, traffic, most used services, etc.)
  5.  Updating the systems

Sharing your information

Any information is shared. We use the User data for analytics and share only the necessary information in connection with
delivery purposes.

Request to delete personal data

If you wish to remove your personal data write us at or contact us send us a message through live chat.